Zoia's encore on leavened products - 12th / 13th October 2009

Master Zoia and Dallagiovanna flours in a course on leavened products held at the Falleni Enzo & C. firm in Livorno.

Keeping the limelight, the last 11th and 12th October the double act – Zoia and Dallagiovanna blends - took place again in Livorno, via Luigi Russo 14, at the Falleni Enzo & C. firm.

As in the 21st and 22nd of September course, the Master dealed with yeast related themes and showed the students some of his world-famous recipes - Panettone, Brioches (sweet and savoury) and the Danish.

Falleni Enzo & C. firm

Master confectionary Achille Zoia (in the middle) at the end of the course