Workshops on tour, looking forward to Alimentaria

After having participated at the Sigep in Rimini, the Molino Dallagiovanna’s program and that of its Maestri di Gusto (Masters of Taste) is back to daily routine, whilst looking forward to the next date with Alimentaria- in Barcellona from the 22nd to the 26th of March.

In the meantime they are concentrating on lessons and showcases, part of a rich program with the FAR DOLCI (MAKING CONFECTIONARIES) and FAR PASTA (MAKING PASTA) flour blends as its main attractions..

While at the Laboratorio d'Arte Bianca (White Art Laboratory) bread making and confectionary courses for aficionados are taking place; Masters Achille Zoia and Raimondo Mendolia- the former Master for the flour blends for confectionaries and the latter Master for pasta/dough flours, continue with new dates in an interesting tour of the Italian peninsula.

Zoia e MendoliaAchille Zoia and Raimondo Mendolia

Once Master Confectioner Achille Zoia has left the Academic Alfonso Pepe’s workshop in Salerno, and after having the usual formative meeting with CastAlimenti with regards to Spring rising dough, he will continue to work on the use of our flours in confectionary and for the small and large leavening products at another two mouth-watering events: on the 14th and 15th of March in the Laboratorio d’Arte Bianca (White Art Laboratory), and the 23rd and 24th of March in Rome, held at the Mega confectioners, Dallagiovanna’s branch in the Lazio Region of Italy.

At the forefront, Dallagiovanna's FAR DOLCI (MAKING SWEETS) line: Panettone, Panetone Z and SOFT, researched to give softness and to retain taste and fragrance. Malleable yet resistant, born out of cooperation with Master Zoia- who is, for the second consecutive year, our celebrity endorser, lecturer and experimenter par excellence.

Having completed the workshop at Molino on fresh dough between tradition and innovation and Pasta for Chefs, Master Pasta Maker Raimondo Mendolia will be at CastAlimenti from the 9th to the 11th of March in a three day event on the absolute Evolution of fresh pasta in catering. Mendolia has just completed another important course, as always held at the Academy in Brescia, on the persona of the Master Dough-maker; a complete professional journey starting from the choice of the finest blends, to the technologies, marketing and sales strategies.

In the foreground the two leading flours in Dallagiovanna's FAR PASTA (MAKING PASTA) range: the Triplozero (Triplezero)- very white and able to bestow upon fresh pasta, whilst in the cooking process, both speed and resistance at the same time. Ideal in particular for “complicated” dishes, such as stuffed pasta, it comes side-by-side with Granito, which is ideal for gnocchi (dumplings) or for a better yield with sauces.