Markup - Triplozero Flour: license to knead

Cibus, May 10-13, stand Molino Dallagiovanna – W016 – pavilion

For two hundred years in the heart of Emilia Romagna, Molino Dallagiovanna has been a business with strong ties to its own territory and the local traditions, as well as open to global production, both in regards to the industrialization of production line, as well as in regards to the pioneering ethic that has always defined the Dallagiovanna family.

Tortelli, tagliatelle, lasagna and cappelletti are flag bearers of Emilia Romagna, but with unusual combinations refined to perfection, adapting to the preferences of local consumers. No pre-packaged clichés, but instead, integration of iconic foods from many different areas, maintaining quality and special characteristics.

Thanks to one of the excellent products in the Far pasta line, Triplozero, a bright white flour ideal for fresh pasta, also stuffed, Molino Dallagiovanna gives a touch of Emilia Romagna to all the other Italian regions. In fact, License to Knead will be presented at Cibus 2010 from May 10 – 13, at the Molino Dallagiovanna stand, with a program of taste samplings of typical dishes from northern to southern Italy.

(source Mark Up)