Three talents, six coaches, one Special Flour

Our Molino, for almost two hundred years a symbol of the art, mastery and passion for quality, will be the sponsor of the III Edition of the Award del Pasticciere, part of the HOST 2011. But what makes a certain short crust pastry unique and different form all the others? Definitely the hand that prepares it, but there’s more... It also requires excellent raw materials, such as the flour.

Dallagiovanna Short Crust Pastry – in its two varieties – is designed especially for maintaining the necessary protein content for flavor and lightness, while simultaneously respecting the proper consistency of the finished product. The mixtures allow for bonding of fat particles around the particles of flour, preventing the formation of gluten when liquid is added.    Therefore, the resulting pastry dough will have the perfect flakey quality without sacrificing full body. The 130 variety, created through the collaboration of Maestro Zoia, is perfect for preparing cookies and all other recipes with low fat contents. Frolla and Frolla 130 are part of the Dolcissime line of special flour mixtures for pastries, which also includes two mixtures for panettone and large leavened items – Panettone and Panettone Z, two for briosche and smaller leavened items – Briosche and SOFT, and one for Puff Pastry.

In addition to collaboration with Maestro Zoia, the two Dallagiovanna laboratories and their continuing research into the "perfect" flour mixture have also played a fundamental role in the creation of the Dolcissime flours. The first laboratory, Analysis and Research, studies and selects the finest grains; the second laboratory, the Art of Flour, hosts the tests performed by the Maestros, important professional from the sector who test the flour mixtures, recommending and proposing variations and improvements, which are then analyzed and created in the research laboratory.