Three-color Pizza

Maestro Mattia Masala Maestro Mattia Masala
far pizza


For the dough:
•    1 kg Dallagiovanna special flour FAR PIZZA ROSA
•    1-5 g yeast
•    5 g malt
•    540 g water
•    25 g salt
•    30 g oil
For the topping:
•    tomato sauce
•    buffalo mozzarella
•    arugula


Put the flour, malt and yeast in a kneading machine and mix dry for a few minutes. Add about 90% of the water and start the mixer at 1st speed until the water is absorbed. Add the salt, oil and when they are absorbed add the remaining water. After having added the salt, it is recommended to mix at 2nd speed. Mix until the dough is smooth and uniform. Form a round dough ball, cover and let rest on the counter for 15-20 minutes. Form dough balls into the desired weight, place them in containers and into the refrigerator at 4 degrees for no less than 24 hours.
Roll out the round dough layer, add the tomato sauce. Bake; at half cooking time add the buffalo mozzarella, and when the baking time is concluded, add the arugula.

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