The White Art Workshop

With the beginning of cooking courses for farmhouse cooking holidays the Laboratorio di Arte Bianca del Molino Dallagiovanna (Dallagiovanna Mill's Workshop of White Art) has finally been inaugurated during the month of March.

The white art workshopEquipped like the best confectioneries, the hall has been transformed in a school where the various teachers have explained which are the different typologies of flours and which are the most balanced for various preparations.

Within this environment, using the most suitable blends, it has been able to create savoury products like focaccia bread, flavoured breads and breadsticks, as well as giving a lot of importance to sweets, preparing puff pastry, risen dough and dough for biscuits.

The Laboratorio di Arte Bianca, however, isn't only a school, but also a place of study where it is possible to verify through the art of baking the reactions of various flours.

Advanced equipment is available for the mills technicians to test and improve their own blends or to even invent new ones. Not only that, clients, alongside technicians who have been placed at their disposal by the Dallagiovanna family, can take advantage of the machinery to balance the starches and proteins of flour, or to standarise the productive procedures, all in order to, naturally, improve the final product.

The cooking courses held at the Laboratorio di Arte Bianca, are aimed at catering school students as well as professionals in the field.

For more information please call 0523 787155.