The new Soft flour, come and try it

The collaboration between Molino Dallagiovanna and Master Pastry chef Achille Zoia has produced its first fruit: the new "Soft" flour, specifically for croissants, brioches and Danish pastries.

The new breakfast pastries will astonish you with their fluffiness, chewability and tastiness. Please note that this is not simply a “weaker” flour, but it is a mix in which the proteins of various grains have been carefully chosen to create a perfectly balanced product, with a greater all round aroma.

Achille Zoia has also applied Dallagiovanna’s chemical/scientific studies to the prince of our pastries, the panettone. The "Z" mix now accompanies the very high quality "traditional" flour, perfect for all risen products. In this case too Dallagiovanna and Zoia have aimed to produce a more refined product. Baking is believing!

Come and find us at SIGEP 2009!