From the 24th to the 27th of April you will find us at Pastatrend's Pavilion 22 stand B17 (in Bologna).

Come and discover Dallagiovanna's Special Flours and the FAR PASTA line with the haute-cuisine creations of Master Raimondo Mendolia at the Pasta Trend in Bologna.

After Alimentaria's success - leaving Barcelona intrigued and amazed by the unique characteristics and quality of the taste in the products made with Dallagiovanna blends - here is the ace up our sleeve: “Triplozero” (Triplezero) very white and aimed at fresh pasta, including filled fresh pasta. Then “Granito” perfect for gnocchi. And the two “Semole” - extra and re-milled for dry pasta, or perfect as components to be used with the traditional blends for fresh pasta.

We will see you in Bologna - from the 24th to the 27th of April - pavilion 22 stand B17.

Our journey will follow through into May at the Cibus in Parma and at the Siab in Verona.

Pastatrend 2010

Pasta is the ideal product to satisfy the needs of a healthy, varied and balanced diet as a twosome of diet and health much sought after by consumers worldwide. Thanks to its ability to meet the needs of the most diverse uses and customs of people, with its limited cost, with its ability to pair up well with meat, fish, cheeses and vegetables, able to be consumed as a main course or as a side dish, of long shelf life and easy and quick preparation, pasta is in fact able to give a ready and efficient answer to the growing dietary needs of the whole of mankind of today and in years to come.

Undertaking such an important task has required extraordinary initiative: uniting in a unique event the entire universe of the knowledge of the productive capabilities of the manufactures, transformers and distributors. Farmers, millers and seed-corn producers, dough makers of the industry and craftsmen of the workshops, engineers of technologies and great chefs, each with their own masterpieces and their passion, as they perform with great enthusiasm for the consumers like the true artisans of this great Mediterranean traditional dish that they are.

Thus in Italy, Pastatrend the Grande Salone della Pasta (the Great Pasta Hall) is born; unsurpassed depository of the art of the pasta industry, avant-guard technologies and pasta know how.