The First Panettone - 02/06 June 2010

Primizie appena sfornate, panettone cakes for liberated palates from 2nd to 6th June, in the Foyer of the theatre Franco Parenti in Milan.

Why limit the joy of panettone to the last days of the year? The magnificent cake from Milan was born in celebration of the Christmas holidays, but this should not exclude it from being enjoyed all year long. Those who love it the most place it on the radiator to heat it up, letting all of its aroma come into full force, something impossible this time of year.  In Milan, before the industrial production by Motta and Alemagna, 200,000 kilograms of Christmas panettone were already sold, but just as much was enjoyed throughout the year (Mario Melloni, “Le industrie milanesi all’aprirsi dell’Esposizione nazionale del 1881”, in the Meneghina family almanac, 1977, page 115).

So was born Primizie appena sfornate – The first panettone, thanks to the association Amici del Panettone and Amphibia, the organizer of Re Panettone™ , with the Patronage of the Milan Municipality thanks to the Department of Tourism, Territorial Marketing and Identity. The initiative is divided into two events:

Tuesday, June 1, 9pm, in Milan, in the Foyer of the Theater Franco Parenti, via Pier Lombardo 14: guided tastings of handcrafted panettone cakes by participating pastry chefs. In collaboration with Slow Food® Milan. Entrance fee: € 10.00 – € 5.00 for members of Amici del Panettone (annual membership costs € 5.00). Follow the link at the bottom of the page to make reservations;

Wednesday, June 2 – Sunday, June 6 in 33 participating pastry shops, located in 11 Italian regions: free samples of fresh handcrafted panettone cakes, in traditional and innovative flavors, with the possibility to purchase.

Click here for a complete list of participating pastry shops, or for further information and contacts.
(source: Panettone by Stanislao Porzio)