Sweetest passions

The perfect combination of northern tradition and southern talent.In Sant'Egidio Montalbino, in the heart of the Salerno countryside,  homeland of the ‘zeppole’ (an Italian farther’s day cream filled doughnut), of ‘strufoli’ (typical Christmas fayre- fried sweet dumplings) and confectionary products, for over twenty years a small confectionary  workshop has chosen to dedicate itself to the great leavening products of the North: Milanese Panettone, Panettone from Turin, Pandoro (traditional Italian Christmas cake), Colomba (traditional dove shaped cake eaten at Easter). And it does it so well that it sells across Italy and has landed itself second place in the 2009 edition of Gambero Rosso (the leading Italian food and wine media group, similar to the English Michelin’s guide).

Alfonso Pepe's WorkshopIt is indeed in the workshop of academic Alfonso Pepe- exquisite host, perfect organiser and great ‘Master Confectioner’ – that Master Confectioner Achille Zoia- Dallagiovanna’s celebrity face and star protagonist of the Milanese confectionary industry- has decided to hold a workshop on the Dallagiovanna sweetest line. The course presided over by Zoia in collaboration with GianCarlo De Rosa, Molino’s technician, was aimed at professionals in the field and was attended by numerous representatives of the Accademia Maestri Pasticceri Italiani (Italian Academy of Master Confectioners) including the likes of Salvatore De Riso, Salvatore Gabbiano, Salvatore Varriale and Pasquale Marigliano.

What these masters and the Molino Dallagiovanna have in common is the love for quality in craftsmanship, as opposed to industrialised logics and profit-driven markets. Enveloped by that personal touch, that intuition that combines passion and experience, makes each recipe a culinary work of art. Great importance is placed upon high quality, totally natural raw materials, starting with matrix yeast, aged over twenty years- to the Corman butter, partner in this event and taking stand with the central south area Head Sergio Franchi, right up to the choice of flours.

Dallagiovanna's special blends for sweet products are in fact a symbol of this production ethic. The journey for a premium flour is not an easy one.  It starts off from an accurate selection of the grains, constant workshop studies, tests and from a process of grinding which is not influenced by commercial needs but which strives for quality without compromise. 

From the production point of view, which draws on the best methods of all ages, Molino Dallagiovanna, with its two-hundred year history has always promoted quality. At times ancient, like the wheat washing procedure, at other times modern- like the Bülhler milling and the management and control computer systems.


Today Pierluigi, Sergio and Andrea guide the Molino and its 50 lines of flours. With the same spirit that has accompanied the Dallagiovanna's through the generations and which walks alongside  Master Achille Zoia showing its individual qualities and excellence in top-notch confectionary recipes. 

Croissants and Panettone, Panettone and Z and SOFT- these latter were born of the synergy between Master and the Molino- Frolla (Shortcrust) and Sfoglia (Puff): different blends, with different elasticity and characteristics, yet with the same aim: to keep the taste and fragrance of a tradition, bringing it forwards in time and in the world.