Sweet or Savoury? Both is better!

The next course of Professor Minardi (Einap-Cremona) at Dallagiovanna's Mill.

High quality of the Dallagiovanna flours fuses perfectly with the attention that the Mill pays its customers: The Laboratory of White Art, the new hall equipped with the best machinery, has been made available to test or create new flours and to host courses, aimed at manly but not solely to professionals.

Between September and October, sought after great demand, Teacher Marghrita Mainardi’s course will be repeated, fellow of Einap in Cremona; the lessons, aimed at restaurant and farm-house lodging staff as well as true aficionados, will run in four meetings tackling the various themes, such as flavoured bread, Focaccia and bread sticks for the savoury products and shortcrust pastry, leavened doughs and biscuit-making for the sweet making part of the lesson.

In November, again Teacher Mainardi, will tackle more complex themes, like puff pastry and brisée, shortcrust pastry and croissant bread for cakes and savoury croissants, gastronomic Panettone and Sicilian bread, plus many other preparations which can be uncovered in the four weekly meetings.