Special Dallagiovanna flours: and the pizza is ready…

With almost two hundred years creating handcrafted milled products, Dallagiovanna became one of the most important businesses in the Italian foods industry.

The Dallagiovanna Molino is a family business: for generations, fathers and sons have handed down experience and craft, giving life to an interesting combination of memories and innovation. What followed was a productive ethic that took the most from the craft of every generation, within a framework of tradition and pioneering spirit at the same time.

This is how an ancient productive methodology like the washing of wheat is combined with contemporary systems and technologies, such as the Bühler milling plant and the computerized management center.

At Molino Dallagiovanna, rules of profits and market demands are not so important: quality is much more important, obtained through careful milling in total respect of the wheat’s organoleptic properties. It is vital to maintain natural quality, avoiding the use of bleaching agents, chemical additives and extraneous substances. And then the intuition of Pierluigi, Sergio and Andrea when selecting the most suitable products and the best analysis and research methods for the flour mixtures is indispensible, the Maestros of the Art of Flour Laboratory.

The result is a truly special flour.

Far Pane, Far Pasta, Far Dolci. Bio, whole wheat, semolina. Far Pizza. The Dallagiovanna line of pizza flours, four mixtures with different leavening – tested by the best Maestros – for four different productive frameworks presenting the compendium of Granito – innovative recommendations for white flour – perfectly embodying  the character of the Molino with specific flour mixtures for every situation, maintaining the high quality of handcrafted production , even in industrial settings, combining the special qualities of an iconic food with contemporary methods (such as cold processing), without altering the organoleptic characteristics and gluten content.

For pizzas with the flavor and fragrance of once upon a time.