Sourdough and sweet leavened items for the Holidays, with Maestro Giorilli

The renowned Maestro Pier Giorgio Giorilli and Le Dolcissime Dallagiovanna flours, in a course about large leavened items for the holidays.

In light of the upcoming Christmas holidays, the renowned Maestro and the Emilia Molino will collaborate from October 10 – 13, at CAST Alimenti, one of the finest Italian cooking schools.

Titles of the lessons: “Panettone, pandoro and veneziane with sourdough conserved in water”.

An indispensible course for obtaining perfect products, from a technical and taste point of view. Panettone prepared with yeast conserved in water will be made during the course, but theoretical and practical explanations of the processing and conservation of sourdough will also be presented.

The course also presents sourdough and compressed yeast products, including the production of Pandoro. Furthermore, the course will provide theoretical and practical explanations for producing veneziane (venetian appetizers) with new flavors and consistencies.