Soft Pizza or Focaccia with Tritordeum Flour - Uniqua Green

Master: Mattia Masala Master: Mattia Masala
far pizza



Put the flour on a pastry board and make a well in the centre of the flour, add olive oil, salt and water, start to mix the ingredients. Finally add the yeast, previously melted in water.
Mix it for 10 minutes until the dough is smooth and uniform.
Divide the dough into portions of 330 g and form a round shape.
Let the dough rise at room temperature covered by a towel for one hour and a half.
Roll out the dough, in baking pans with a diameter of 30 cm previously anointed with oil.

It has based the brine obtained by mixing well 100 g of water 100 g of extra virgin olive oil and 20 grams of salt.
If you want to get pizza seasoned with tomato sauce. Let rise in a warm place for an hour and a half.

Cooking 220°c for 15 min.


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