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Portrait of flour

Four varieties, for four different leavening types: a mixture for direct working, up to 8 hours of leavening; a brief leavening mixture, up to 10 hours; a medium leavening mixture up to 15 hours; finally, a long leavening mixture for up to 20 hours.

Imagining faraway places, we tried to see where we could wind up in the world in that period of time. But our true passion is not traveling: it is making flour. This is why we have been staying here at Molino Dallagiovanna for six generations. Bringing the aroma and flavor of Italian pizza to tables around the world, uniting tradition and modernity.

  1. Portrait of flour

    Pizza&Food: April, September 2010 - Pizza&Food: January 2011
  2. Portrait of flour

    Pizza&Food: June, November 2010
  3. Portrait of flour

    Pizza&Food: March, July, August, December 2010
  4. Portrait of flour

    Pizza&Food: May, October 2010