PiacenzaSera - Panettone “marries” Malvasia in Milan

Milan, at the Parenti Theater, Malvasia from Piacenza marries panettone. The Stand of the DOC wine consortium, visited today by Councilor Pozzi: “An ever closer bond with the Lombardy capital city".

40 pastry chefs (over 1,700 sales in 2009) proposing their finest specialties.  “About half of them use our flours”, explains Sabrina Dallagiovanna, the head of marketing of the Piacenza company by the same name, which also has a stand at the event. The renowned flour mill of Gragnano participated in all of the editions of this event, and with the collaboration of the noted pastry chef Achille Zoia (considered the father of panettone, and recently awarded by Gambero Rosso), has developed a special flour for preparing Milan desserts. Fifty kilos of products were given away by Molino Dallagiovanna to each of the 40 exhibition participants.

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