PiacenzaSera - Open Day the 20th of June 2009 at the Dallagiovanna Mill

Saturday 20th of June 2009, held at its own headquarters in Madonna del Pilastro, the Dallagiovanna Mill has inaugurated its new logistics area of two thousand square meters and the Laboratory for White Art, with an open day in the presence of the authorities and associations of local categories. Numerous industrialists of Piacenza were also present (story follows on PiacenzaSera).

The Dallagiovanna Mill is a productive reality which represents one aspect of Italian excellence. It boasts more than 70 types of standard flour and over a hundred personalised flours for the processing food-farming industry, distributed across all Italian territory as well as in Spain, France, Russia, England, Denmark, Slovenia, Estonia and Chile.

I nuovis sacchi del Molino Dallagiovanna

Since 1832 until the present day, the Dallagiovanna family has maintained the same craftsmanship  quality, going to the principal Italian markets to select the best samples of national and foreign wheat and passing on to the milling stage only after accurate washing of grains.

Furthermore, with the furbishing of the new Laboratory for White Art and the organisation of courses for 20 participants, a new impetus has been given to the shaping of new Masters of White Art, (from confectioner to bread-makers and pizza-makers), of restauranteurs and of whomsoever wishing to hone their culinary skills.

(source www.piacenzasera.it)