Pastaria - Mendolia and the special flours by Molino Dallagiovanna

After the Maestro Pastry Chef Achille Zoia, Raimondo Mendolia, President of the European Chefs Academy, Maestro of pasta cuisine and techniques, renowned around the world, is the second specialist collaborating in the creation of superb flour mixtures for Molino Dallagiovanna (Gragnano Trebbiense, Piacenza): Far pasta, Far dolci, Far pizza, Far pane.

With roots in Genoa and thirty years of experience in the restaurant sector, Mendolia currently lives in Budapest and works at an international level. He specializes in diverse food sectors, with particular attention for the scholastic restaurant field, sports and new technologies. He is a teacher in one of the most prestigious cooking schools in Italy, and also provides international consulting services.

He is an extremely creative chef of pastas and sauces, applying his own newly invented and experimented working techniques. Specialized in the production of all types of fresh pasta (stuffed, cooked, raw materials, sauces), he will be testing the Far pasta line flour mixtures in the two Dallagiovanna laboratories (the analysis and research lab and the Art of Flour lab), and collaborating in courses and master classes in themes dedicated to sector professionals.

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