Next events with Zoia and his flours "Soft" and "Z"

One of the most annoying problems for many professionals is with yeast products and it is because of this that master confectioner Achille Zoia often devotes some of his lessons to this subject.

Achiile Zoia's colombaIn a few weeks, on Monday 11th and Tuesday 12th of May, Cast Alimenti (Via Serenissima, 5 – 25135 Brescia) will open its doors to professionals in the sector and Mr. Zoia will tackle this crucial point, by explaining the importance of mother yeast and why the choosing of a blend is fundamental for the success of a desert.

Use of Molino Dallagiovanna's flours "Soft" and "Z" will help make everything much easier for the master to explain.

"In common trade I could not find the right blend for my sweets, so I had them custom made by a mill that I trusted" sais Mr. Zoia.

The results speak for themselves. Type "Z" thanks to the perfect balance of starches and proteins, adapts itself perfectly for the bigger cakes like Colombe and Panettoni, whereas the "Soft" type, which is able to maintain a product soft and delicate, is great for sweet morning pastries like cornetti, brioches, croissant and Danish.

In the third week of September, the master confectioner will move on to Parma to reveal the same secrets to confectioners in the Duchy. Obviously, his loyal companions in tow will be Molino Dallagiovanna's "Soft" and "Z" blends.