New sacks and sizes lets bring up-to-date flour lines

New flour sackWith a minds eye to renovate the firms/company image, Molino Dallagiovanna changes the face of its own lines of flour presenting new sacks and new sizes, already available from April 2009.

The packaging is more inviting due to a review of the logo, of the images used and to the colours which distinguish the various typologies: there are "traditional" flours of the Far Pane line (type 0 and 00), Far Farina (wholemeal, bran wheat, and grinded bran) and Far Bio, available only in sizes 25Kg and the "special" of the Far Dolci line (Panettone, Sfoglia, Brioches and Frolla), Far Pizza and Far Pasta (the infamous triple 0 which gives a yellowing colour to the dough) these also available in professional sizes of 25 Kg.