BolognaInforma - Molino Dallagiovanna and its Masters of Taste at SIAB 2010

SIAB in Verona, from May 22 to 26, Pavilion 4 Stand A7/A8

At Verona, the Meeting Point of the Art of Flour and the Siab Bakery Award selected the Dallagiovanna Special Flours for contests and tastings. The Dallagiovanna Special Flours are one of the star ingredients of the finest creations of Maestros, for the occasion of the next edition of SIAB in Verona.

In fact, the Far Pane, Far Pasta, Far Pizza and Far Dolci lines by Molino Dallagiovanna will be used for the live demonstrations and tastings at the Meeting Point of the White Art, an attraction dedicated to pastry, bread, pasta and pizza making set up by CAST Alimenti in collaboration with Veronafiere.


This area is dedicated to presentations, shows and talk shows focused on current techniques and technologies, available merchandise and educational/training materials for visiting professionals. The Masters Piergiorgio Giorilli (bread maker) Raffaele Fabbrocino and Giancarlo De Rosa (pizza makers) Raimondo Mendolia and Achille Zoia (pasta and pastry makers, respectively), all supporters of Dallagiovanna flour mixtures, in addition to a team of Veronese pastry chefs producing typical local pastries, will be making presentations and demonstrations, in the spirit of the chefs’ traditions and innovation.

Maestro Iginio Massari, the co-founder of Cast Alimenti, will present the Italian team in the next World Pastry Team Championship to be held in July in the United States, and direct the general contest, with live creation of the delicious delicacies to be presented during the competition. General contests will also be held for the teams participating in Le Mondial du Pain ed Europain.


Special flours for bread, in variants 0 and 00 with diverse W and p/l values, to satisfy the infinite demands of original bread making at the Siab Bakery Award, an innovative competition under the aegis of “Bread for the world”, organized by Richemond Club Italia in collaboration with the Federal Technical Team FIPPA.

The primary purpose of the event is the promotion of the value of bread and the participating professionals, creating the finest products also using “poor” raw materials, or rather, materials which are easily found in the poorest countries. There are nine teams ready for the challenge, which will include the production of diverse types of bread, savory products, Vienneserie and a piece of artwork: Algeria, Mali, Morocco, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Croatia, and naturally, Italy.

The event will also include the social side of fine foods, including the most basic food, bread, not only in the main competition but also in side events, all of which are organized by the Richemond Club Italia. Among these, “Il pane della rinascita”, where the young people from the Community of S. Patrignano and Trento will demonstrate the skills they have acquired through the help of their Maestros and the Partners of the Richemont Club Italia, Giuliano Pediconi and Paolo Tomasi.

(source BolognaInforma)