Leavened sweets

A weekend under the aegis of small leavened breakfast sweets and large leavened items for the holidays.

The program spanned different varieties of sweets, some traditional favorites, like Pandoro, French croissants, stuffed Veneziane, as well as more innovative creations, like Panettone with dried prunes and pistachio filling or cakes prepared with French croissant dough, both creations by Maestro Zoia. The program also included basic preparations, like short crust pastry, frangipane cream, baked items and almond short crust pastry.

The common denominator, the Dallagiovanna Dolcissima flour mixtures, especially Panettone Z and Briosche SOFT, created through the collaboration of the Maestro with the Molino, to improve the already renowned quality of the classic flour mixtures for preparation of desserts.

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