Leavened products Course - 21st / 22nd September 2009

Master Confectioner Achille Zoia hosts lessons to help professionals improve in creation, preservation and kneading of yeast. Next 21st and 22nd Spetember 2009 at the White Art Laboratory of the Dallagiovanna Mill.

When a dough is created to make bread, pizza or sweet, the difficulty does not lie in mixing the ingredients, but having the flour and mother yeast suited to the preparation you are about to embark upon. For the choice of blend we will rely on the advice of our trusted Mill, but creating a suitable yeast is still an arduous task, especially if we do not have the basic chemical-technical information.

It is for this precise reason that Master Confectioner Achille Zoia  gives lessons to help professionals improve in the creation, preservation and mixing of the yeast itself, to the extent that in the next couple of days, the 21st and 22nd September 2009 at Dallagiovanna Mill’s White Art Laboratory, the renowned confectionary artist will explain the secrets that have enabled him to be one of the greatest confectioners of the whole of Italy.

Laboratorio di arte biancaDallagiovanna Mill’s White Art Laboratory

The course will host co-star flours Panettone Z (specific for large leavened products) and Soft (for the preparation of morning confectionaries like croissants, cornets and Danish pastries). The new blends, created by Pierluigi Dallagiovanna at the express behest of Zoia, are characterised by the great starches and proteins balance which has allowed  the "W" to be diminished while maintaining unaltered development and absorption of liquid. The result is a much smoother product, identifiable by its softness and by the incredible preservation.

Both lessons are open to a professional audience and are priced at 120,00 Euro (V.A.T included).

For more information and to book phone land-line: +39 0523 787 155.