Kebab's Bread

Maestro Giancarlo De Rosa Maestro Giancarlo De Rosa
far pane


  • 1 kg Dallagiovanna KebaBread special flour (upon request)
  • 0.5 l water
  • 0.1 kg of natural yogurt
  • 0.02 kg salt
  • 0.005 kg malt
  • 0.010 kg brewer’s yeast


Create a smooth, uniform dough; let it rise for approximately 40 minutes at 28°C.
Divide the dough into pieces weighing 80 g; roll until forming a sphere and let rest at 8°C for about 12 hours.
Roll out the dough to 0.4 mm; let rest for 30 minutes at 28°C and bake on the stone at a temperature of approximately 280°C for 3/4 minutes.
This will produce bread with an inner pocket.

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