Il Tortello in Barrique inaugurates Eccellenze Piacentine

Tortello in barrique will be the superstar of the debut of the project PIAC(eccell)ENZA il Sistema delle Eccellenze Piacentine.

The 2010 edition, PiacenzAssapora – dedicated to excellence in enogastronomy in the city and its suburbs – is debuting on Thursday, July 1:  a charity dinner to benefit Caritas, for the occasion of the local Summer festival of the Young Industrials Group, in the theme of revisiting some of the icons of Piacenza cuisine, presented in unusual combinations.

The "kitchen brigade" of Maestro Raimondo Mendolia, the extreme creative force behind pastas and sauces, will be directing with his four chefs, giving life to a new symphony of flavors, demonstrating that is it possible to create innovative dishes starting from exclusively local products.

The setting will be the finest Piacenza gastronomic and enological businesses, who will provide the materials for the menu, the location and the equipment needed for the event, in a system of reciprocal collaboration for the promotion of the Piacenza territory.

The Emilia Romagna response to globalization? Perhaps only one meteoritic recipe, in the spirit of maintaining the traditions of the territory without renouncing opening the doors to today’s world. Towards the Milan Expo 2015, this will be our idea: to identify and promote the new territorial identity while maintaining a history of excellence, contemporary innovation and the future of creative art.

Visit the website PIAC(eccell)ENZA.