Il Panificatore Italiano – Special flours

Approved by the most important quality certifications and processed using the best productive methods.

For the occasion of Host 2009, Molino Dallagiovanna presented  its new Special Flours and their new packaging, as part of the ABTech laboratories, where the Maestro Bread Maker Piergiorgio Giorilli also participated.

Il Molino Dallagiovanna a Host 2009

Molino Dallagiovanna a Host 2009

Today, Molino Dallagiovanna offers a range of over 50 special flours, approved by major quality certifications and processed using the best productive methods from every era: ancient, like washing of the wheat, or modern, like the Bühler milling plant and the computerized management center.

Universal flours or specially formulated flours for various foods sectors – pastry shops, pizzerias, pasta and bread – are born and refined in the Dallagiovanna laboratories: analysis and research, where grains are tested and the most appropriate mixtures for every product are studied, also “custom” mixtures and those from the Art of Flour, where the star is the finished product, created by the all-knowing hands of important Maestros or tried and tried again by the students attending courses and workshops held at the Molino Dallagiovanna, also in collaboration with major educational institutions.

Far pasta, a bright white flour – nicknamed Triplozero – ideal for fresh pasta, also stuffed, combined with Granito, for gnocchi;
Far Pizza, in four different leavening variations.

Far dolci, four flour mixtures specifically designed for each single type of pastry: brioches, puff pastry, short crust pastry and large leavened items.

Far pane: a multitude of variations, with weights from 200 to 430 for p/l constant at 0.60, created in collaboration with Master Piergiorgio Giorilli, ad hoc for thousands of types of bread making. Capable of giving bread high yield, developed with new methods – such as cold processing – while maintaining the flavor and fragrance of once upon a time.

There are also organic flour mixtures, whole wheat flours, semolina and a new line for traditional recipes: “the rustic mixtures”.

(Original Page | source: Il Panificatore Italiano, November – December 2009)