Focaccia della riviera

Maestro Mattia Masala Maestro Mattia Masala
far focaccia


For the dough:

For the topping:

  • crescenza cheese


Dough preparation: 10 minutes.

Dough standing time: 1st DOUGH STANDING TIME 10 minutes.

Divide the dough into portions of 1.5 kg on pans measuring 40 x 60. Place the dough in the pans after coating them with olive oil.
2nd DOUGH STANDING TIME 20/30 minutes in a leavening chamber.


Roll out the dough smoothly over its entire surface. Add 25 g of salt dissolved in 80 g of tepid water and 80 g of olive oil. Smooth it all out with your hands until obtaining a uniform surface. Make deep holes across the entire surface with your fingers. Leaven 60 minutes in a leavening chamber.
Cooking: Bake the focaccia with steam at a temperature of 230 °C/240 °C for 20/25 minutes.
Once fully cooked, cut in half and fill with crescenza cheese to taste.


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