The Dallagiovanna flours will meet the art of Master Zoia in the Fratelli Bogana workshop.

A date with the taste of Easter traditions next 4th and 5th of March.

The Bogana Brothers' workshop, in Cherasco (27 La Moglia, Cuneo) will host Master Confectioner Achille Zoia's demonstration. The theme of this meeting is the leavened pastries for confectionaries, ideal for the production of  Easter Doves, as well as confectionaries for breakfast: croissants, Danish pastries.

[03/09/2009] the two protagonists, the “Soft” and “Z” flours, have surpassed expectations, both in public opinion and in actual outcome.

Star performer of the two days once again has been Master Confectioner Achille Zoia, by now firmly bound to the Dallagiovanna family, as much by friendship as for the quality of produced blends.

Both flours, born of an idea of Zoia's, then translated to reality by the Dallagiovanna Mill: "Soft", particularly suited to morning confectionaries it distinguishes itself from the others for its ability to give softness and delicacy to the product, though rising the same way as its rivals. "Z", on the other hand, is more suitable for the large leavening products like 'Colombe' (Italian dove-shaped cake with candied fruit eaten at Easter) and Panettone. The latter's (flour's) particularity is based on the protein and starch balance giving the product a guaranteed fragrance and tastiness which has no equal.

Our confectionary artist, before getting his hands dirty, started to illustrate to the professionals in this sector the chemical structure of the yeast, how it behaves, what are the right methods to work it, the methods to avoid, but above all how to obtain the most balanced mother yeast for each individual preparation.

Only after going through these technical notions was it possible to "put one's hand in the mix". At the end of each day it was thus possible to taste the confectionaries just out of the oven which have delighted the palates of the fortunate course-participants.

La farina si mette le ali