Easter Sweet Pizza

Maestro Achille Zoia, Accademico AMPI Maestro Achille Zoia, Accademico AMPI
far dolci



This procedure requires two days.
It is recommended to prepare the dough on the morning of Good Friday. First prepare a small portion of dough with 100/150 g of flour and a little milk with dissolved brewer’s yeast. This dough must be soft and then must leaven all day long covered with a hand towel.
In the evening add the rest of the flour, eggs, sugar, softened butter, cinnamon, anise seeds, raisins and candied fruits to the well-leavened dough. Knead well and leaven for the entire night.
The next morning knead the leavened dough again. Place it into a buttered and floured pan and leave it to leaven for the third time.
Bake in the evening. The sweet pizza can be used as a tasty breakfast on Easter morning




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