Double taste trophy for Molino Dallagiovanna at TuttoFood

The Molino is bringing the latest products of the Special Flours line to the Milan Fair, Pavilion 15 – Stand F11 G20: kebabread and Triplozero Gold, both "Original Dallagiovanna" products.

The first is a mixture created specifically for sandwiches and pita bread for kebab. Ideal for classic and modern processes, it lends softness and balance to the dough, which can also be easily enriched with milk and yeast, maintaining the nutritional properties and gluten values while the dough is resting. These products will be available for tasting by a sector professional.

The second flour mixture is Triplozero GOLD, the perfect evolution of Triplozero Extremely flexible with higher protein content, it maintains the exceptional easy handling of the “classic” version, and is perfect for pastas with soft and creamy fillings or for fresh pasta without filling. Samples will be offered to visitors with creative tastings prepared by Maestro Pasta Chef Raimondo Mendolia, under the aegis of “License to knead in Piacenza and beyond”.

A double date for a day, where in addition to a typical taste of the homeland of Molino, there will also be offerings from one of the nearby provinces: Cremona, Parma, Genoa, Pavia. Stuffed tortelli with squash and amaretti, cappelletti with spinach filled with culatello and other delicacies, where traditional ingredients combine with the culinary imagination of the Maestro. Do not miss the Tortello in barrique, the first taste of the Piacenza itinerary, stuffed with coppa dop and ricotta cheese.