Dallagiovanna promotes art

A competiton between joung artists about bread-making and integration.

Molino Dallagiovanna was a part of the team of sponsors at the fourth edition of the PANEART event.

Dallagiovanna promuove l'arte

The event was founded through the collaboration between the Antico Forno di Gipponi bakery and Emilio Gualandris, an internationally renowned painter, already the winner of numerous awards and the subject of Italian and foreign exhibitions, just awarded at the Biennial of Osio Sotto.

Passion for art, therefore, in its many different forms: from figurative to the art of taste, from quality to creation.

Founded as almost a didactic method to provide input for the students of Maestro Gualandris, the event has undergone constantly growing interest and participation. The theme is the world of bread: from the ear of wheat to the miller, and this year the students had to create the word “bakery” in all of the languages of the world using oil or tempera paint on wooden tablets.

All of the artworks will be displayed in a permanent exhibition at the Forno di Gipponi, via XXV Aprile, Osio Sopra (Bergamo).