Dallagiovanna and Zoia: small and large leavened goods from Rome

During a course held by the Master at "Il Faro" foundation in Rome, in collaboration with Megadolciaria and DEBIC.

What happens when a large Foundation hosts a grand Pastry Maestro and high quality flours? This is what happened at the “Il Faro” Susanna Agnelli Foundation of Rome, in a course held by Maestro Achille Zoia on small and large leavened goods during the last week of March.

Zoia alla fondazione Il FaroZoia at the Il Faro foundation

A partner in the event – in collaboration with Mega Dolciaria, the authorized reseller of Dallagiovanna products for Rome and the Lazio region – DEBIC, one of the leading manufacturers of cream and butter, contributed to the high quality and good rendering of the recipes prepared during the course.

The true stars of the show were the Le Dolcissime special flours created together with Maestro Zoia – there are two variants created especially for his own recipes: Panettone Z and Brioche SOFT – specifically created for pastry products.

Already renowned for their quality, Le Dolcissime pastry flours by Dallagiovanna aim to go beyond results of the past, presenting an alternative to existing flour lines, with finer results and longer conservation times.

The obtained products, puff pastry dough, short crust pastry dough, large leavened pastries, such as panettone and columba, and small leavened pastries, such as brioche, croissants and Danishes, will still have the renowned flavor and fragrance of the Molino Dallagiovanna, but the dough will be easier to prepare, conserve and work with, also using new technologies, such as cold processes and various automated industrial systems.

Dettaglio dell'impastoDough detail

The Dallagiovanna ethic has been the same for almost two hundred years: take the best that every era has to offer, with quality as the top priority always. From the selection of wheat, made personally by the head of production, Pierluigi Dallagiovanna, to the decision to integrate historic and modern methods, such as maintaining a historic, fundamental process like the washing of wheat, a process eliminated by almost all other mills for economic reasons, alongside automation and scientific research.

Properly processed wheat is already halfway ground, or so says an old proverb, and at Molino, wheat is positively of the utmost importance: the origins of the wheat, exclusively healthy, loyal and mercantile grains, and treatment of the wheat, without the use of chemical additives or bleaching agents, and the cleaning of the wheat, with tumblers and pre-cleaners, prior to entering the wheat washer.

The results of this process are the Dallagiovanna Special Flours: over fifty standard flour mixtures and an infinite variety of “custom” flours for external customers. All of the flours are able to maintain traditional, authentic flavor and respect for the product’s natural qualities, while satisfying current market demands in terms of time, costs and methodologies.