Cooking course for restauranteurs and farmhouse cooking staff

A new White Art course specific for restauranteurs and farmhouse cooking staff has started, taking place at the Molino Dallagiovanna, to which however, housewives of the area of Piacenza can also participate.

Achille Zoia's briocheThanks to the teachings of Margherita Mainardi, teacher Enaip Cremona, it will be possible to understand which differences there are between the many blends that we find on shelves in supermarkets, and which results they can give in various preparations.

"Many people", explains the teacher, "are convinced that all flours are the same, but this is absolutely not true, in every blend there are various factors, like W and p/l, that need to be correctly balanced to obtain a soffiato instead of a rosetta, a cornetto instead of a cake or a focaccia instead of a pizza...". For this reason, during the four cooking lessons, some of the 50 types of Dallagiovanna's blends will be used, including renowned ones such as "Soft" and "Z".

During the course of the first lesson you will learn to understand the importance of yeast and you will produce fragrant breadsticks, appetizing flavoured breads and of course the focacce: with rosemary, with olives, with onions, not to mention the most classical of all the Genovese.

In the following week the sweet section will start, with puff pastry in its variations to better combine with fresh fruit or different types of cream.

In the third lesson you will again be confronted with yeast to create soft morning deserts, rose cake and strudel.

The fourth meeting, on the other hand, will let you discover the universe of biscuits, from the classics with jam, with chocolate and with butter, passing on to the baci di dama, and finishing off with cantucci and ovis mollis.

It goes without saying that each meeting will end with a very pleasurable tasting of the products still piping hot...

Following great public support, the cooking course will also be taking place during the next months: APRIL, MAY and JUNE.

To book please call 0523/ 787155.