Confectionary course taking place at CAST Alimenti (CAST Foods)

On the 11th and 12th of May just gone at CAST Alimenti's headquarters in Brescia, the Master Confectioner Achille Zoia has presided over confectioner's contest, for those professionals in the sector whom are already clients of Molino Dallagiovanna.

Master Confectioner Achille Zoia

The participants, made up of master confectioners, bakers with a passion for sweet-making, and sweet manufacturers all agree in saying that the beauty of Zoia's courses lies in the ability to show every single stage that transforms a fist full of flour in a delicious work of art, albeit following the same rhythms used in the workshop.

"Dallagiovanna's new flours", says Claudio Nannelli, known artist of Stefania di Firenze confectionary, "are undoubtedly of a superior quality, thanks above all to the fast absorbency capacity, and to the final yield, which is superior to expectations".

Positive comments reign in also from the industrial sector, where Mr. Bosani, head of production in the firm Dolcissimo S.R.L Milan, underlines how, thanks to one of Dallagiovanna's custom blends, they were able to industrialize the processes maintaing crasftsmanship quality.

"I have been using Dallagiovanna flours for fifteen years", concludes Mr. Vincenzo Conti of the Rebuschi bakery in Livia di Bagnolo Mella, Brescia, "I like them very much, just as I like the ability with which Zoioa shows the praxtical stages with clarity, so much so that I'm then able to put them into practice with excellent results".

In order to cater for all its clients, Molino Dallagiovanna is organising a new event on the 12th and 13th of October in Livorno in order to amaze you, together with Achille Zoia, through sweet sensations.