Apricot Tart

Maestro Achille Zoia, Accademico AMPI Maestro Achille Zoia, Accademico AMPI
far dolci


•    500 g Dallagiovanna UNIVERSAL flour
•    400 g sugar
•    100 g butter
•    5 eggs
•    1 shot glass rum
•    400 g canned apricots
•    a dash of salt
•    1 packet yeast


Boil the sliced apricots in a pot with the rum and two large spoons of sugar, then leave it to cool. Beat the eggs in a bowl with the sugar and melted, cooled butter, until obtaining a fluffy mixture. Blend the salt and flour, yeast and apricots, making sure to mix well. Pour the mixture into a greased and floured ring-shaped pan.

Baking time: 55 minutes.

Leave the tart in the oven for five minutes after turning it off.

Do not ever open the oven.




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