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Agent Triplozero

One of the most classic of stories, even though still current today. The struggle to affirm quality, the defense of tradition and the union of artistry, skill and passion as the final solution for every impasse.

From the grand intuition of Dallagiovanna, the first cult of cuisine: Dallagiovanna Triplozero Special Flour.

Extra white – earning an extra 0 – and perfect for traditional as well as modern recipes. Ideal for making fresh pasta, also stuffed, permitting perfect pasta seams and rapid, firm cooking.

The line is completed with Granito for gnocchi and the two Semolina flours, extra and re-milled, for dry pastas. With "Agent Triplozero" and Maestro Pasta Chef Raimondo Mendolia, first course dishes will no longer be hard work, because flour is out business.

  1. Licence to knead

    Pastaria: June 2011 Pasta&Pastai: May and June 2011
  2. Licence to knead

    Pastaria: July 2011
  3. Licence to knead

    Pasta&Pastai: April 2011
  4. Licencia para amasar

    Pizza y Restauraciòn: October, November 2010
  5. Licence to knead

    Pastaria: November, December 2010 - Pasta&Pastai: November 2010
  6. Licence to knead

    Pastaria: October 2010 - Pasta&Pastai: October 2010
  7. Licence to knead

    Pastaria: September 2010
  8. Licence to knead

    Pastaria: July, August 2010
  9. Licence to knead

    Pastaria: June 2010 - Pasta&Pastai: May, June and July 2010
  10. Licence to knead

    Pastaria: April 2010 - Pasta&Pastai: May 2010
  11. Licence to knead

    Pastaria: March 2010 - Pasta&Pastai: December 2010
  12. Licence to knead

    Pastaria: January, February 2010 - Pasta&Pastai: March, April 2010 - Panificazione&Pasticceria: April 2010 - Il Panificatore Italiano - Pasta&Pastai - Pastaria January/February 2011- Pasta&Pastai - Pastaria: March2011
  13. Licence to knead

    Pasta&Pastai: August e September 2010