A pair of aces to our special flours... with Mendolia... meddling with our pasta!

He is the number two specialist Mr Raimondo Mendolia, President of the European Chefs Academy, Kitchen Master and Pasta Technician, who will collaborate to create our 'excellence range'.

Following Master Confectioner Achille Zoia, it will be the second specialist Raimondo Mendolia, President  of the European Chefs Academy, Kitchen Master and Pasta Technician world renowned, who will collaborate to create our most valued ranges: MAKING PASTA, MAKING CONFECTIONARIES, MAKING PIZZA, MAKING BREAD.

Of Genovese extraction and with thirty years of experience in the restaurant business, Chef Mendolia nowadays lives in Budapest and operates internationally.

He has become a master in many branches of this field, with special regard to school catering, sport and new technologies. He teaches in one of the most prestigious academies in Italy and he also works as a consultant on an international level.

Raimondo Mendolia

He proclaims himself "extreme creative" as to pasta and sauces, to which he applies new developing techniques, invented and experimented by him. He also specialises in the production of all types of fresh pasta - stuffings, cooking times, primary materials, sauces.

He will test the FAR PASTA blends with the collaboration of the two Dallagiovanna laboratories - analysis and research and White Art, but also through classes and themed workshops.