Re Panettone crowns Maestro Zoia and the Dolcissime Dallagiovanna

From A for Art and Artisan to Z for Zoia: Panettone has become part of the Italian alphabet, recounting history, characteristics and anecdotes from the life of a man who, in a certain sense, invented panettone, at least in its most modern version.

In fact, Maestro Achille Zoia, denominated by Slow Food as “the father of modern panettone”, together with Pier Luigi Dallagiovanna – Director of Production at the Molino – gave a presentation themed: “Panettone: questions and answers from legend to truth”, for the occasion of the kermesse meneghina Re Panettone, this year in the splendid backdrop of the Franco Parenti Theater in Milan.

There was excellent participation by the public and sector professionals, interested in the anecdotal parts as well as the news and recommendations from Zoia and Dallagiovanna about yeasts, working methods and flours for large leavened items, such as Panettone and Z Dallagiovanna.

The next events with the Dolcissime Dallagiovanna will take place from February 21 to 23, 2011, with a course by Maestro Zoia springtime leavened dough, at the CAST Alimenti headquarters in Brescia.