Maestro Mendolia, Ambassador of DOC Italian Cuisine

Promoting and developing the Italian gastronomic and culinary culture around the world at 360°, from the creation of a true “code”, to training and education, the rediscovery of the infinite regional varieties, to the promotion of the finest professionals in the world of Italian food and wine.

These are the objectives of Italian Hospitality, which recently bestowed the title of honorary Ambassador to Maestro Pastaio Raimondo, thanks to his commitment to the development and promotion of Italian gastronomy around the world.

The integral test of the nomination , signed by Tagliafierro,  President of Italian Hospitality, is as follows: "Having viewed the report by our regional ambassador; having evaluated his great merits in the gastronomy sector. Having taken into consideration his work towards the development and awareness of Italian gastronomy in Italy and around the world.
We are bestowing Mr. Raimondo Mendolia the nomination of Honorary Ambassador of the Italian Hospitality Association.
Mr. Raimondo Mendolia is authorized to represent the Association, committing to scrupulously respect the principals and regulations of the Association, in favor of the development of Italian gastronomic culture in Italy and around the world.”