The unusual creations of Maestro Mendolia

The perfect combination of tradition and innovation presented during the courses held by Maestro Pasta Maker Raimondo Mendolia at the Art of Flour Laboratory of Molino Dallagiovanna.

In Gragnano Trebbiense, in the heart of the Emilia plain, where the land offers one of a kind food and wine specialties, Maestro Mendolia decided to use local products for his creations during two days in early March – one dedicated to sector professionals and the other to amateurs. The course included classic fillings from the territory – with typical meats and cheeses – and classic puff pastry, presented here with a splash of the famous wine form the hills, Gutturnio, in the mixture.

All of this had to have a co-star like Dallagiovanna flours, in the Far Pasta line: elastic, low ash content and capable of rapid and thorough cooking at the same time, combining the successes of traditional recipes with contemporary technologies, such as cold processing and vacuum-packing.

  • Triplozero, the flag bearer exclusive product by Molino; extra white and suitable for all types of pasta, even those traditionally considered to be difficult, such as stuffed pastas: tortelli, anolini, ravioli;
  • Durum wheat semolina, in its two versions: extra or double-milled, specific for dry pasta, but also excellent as an added ingredient to sift wheat and for rapid temperature changes through a blast chiller;
  • Granito, ideal for gnocchi or for lending more texture to pastas for sauces.

The workshop and demonstration schedule of Maestro Mendolia using Dallagiovanna flour blends continues at the CastAlimenti Cooking School, with a course on the extreme evolution of pasta in the restaurant sector, then continuing with the summer events and a new autumn calendar at the Art of Flour Laboratory at the Molino.