"The starting point for the Molino Dallagiovanna stand at SIGEP 2010 was the communication of the patient and careful work that goes into the production of their flours, which the Dallagiovanna family has been producing for over a century with experience, today also using ultra modern technologies.

The presence of modern technologies with tradition is presented through a rarified exhibition space, open to visitors and designed in monochromatic black surfaces, where heavy grindstones are suspended inside of the space, almost in surreal shapes, which start to turn as visitors pass by, emitting the stark, hypnotic sound of milling.

In the background, the sound of a waterfall, reminding visitors that this element, in addition to being the power driving our traditional mills, is today used by Molino Dallagiovanna for a unique, refined process, washing the wheat prior to milling, eliminating even the smallest impurities usually present in flours."

Roberto Pigorini, Architect

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