Breakfast pastries and snacks with Dallagiovanna Special Flours

A great return from the holidays for the Art of Flour Laboratory, with a course given by Maestro Giorilli and an autumn season will a full event schedule.

The first professional course of the new season at the Molino Dallagiovanna Art of Flour Laboratory is dedicated to bread and small leavened breakfast pastries and snacks – courses on amateur bread making and pastries are also already underway.

An exceptional teacher, Maestro Piergiorgio Giorilli, world champion bread maker, President of the renowned Richemont Club Italia – recently bestowed with acknowledgement for his social commitment as the President of the Napolitano Republic - is the instructor for CAST Alimenti, one of the best cooking schools in the country.

For Molino Dallagiovanna, Maestro Giorilli held a two-day workshop on September 6-7: the first day was dedicated to the preparation of the dough, while the second day concentrated on processing the dough:  puff pastry, shaping, leavening and baking.

The recipes covered various types of productions, both in the bread sector as well as the pastries sector: pain au chocolat, citrus puff pastries, mixed rolled pastries, autolysis methods baguettes with reground semolina. The recipes also included indirect method baguettes and indirect method biga ciabatta bread with 20/24 hour leavening.  Finally, controlled fermentation was tested and studied.

The event enjoyed great participation, among them some prestigious names; such as, Maestro Zucchi, the winner of the SIAB Bakery Award 2010, an international competition organized Richemont for the occasion of the last edition of the Veronese fair.

The Dallagiovanna course schedule dedicated to professionals in the sector will continue with CAST Alimenti, in the dedicated headquarters in Brescia, where the Dallagiovanna Special Flours will be used for lessons dedicated to the world of bread, pasta and pastries.

The demonstrations using le dolcissime will once again take up their Italian tour with Maestro Achille Zoia on October 11-12 in Florence at the showroom in the Cono Giglio area, then moving on to Milan, where these special flours will be the stars of a series of tastings at AB Tech and Re Panettone.

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