Triplozero Gold: simple, ductile and unique

The new product from Molino Dallagiovanna reflects the excellent quality of the classic version and new features for uses and handling.

This new product will be debuted at Pasta Trend in Bologna, even though it is already prepared to conquer the market: Triplozero Gold by Molino Dallagiovanna is even more revolutionary than the “classic” version.

Maestro Pasta Chef Raimondo Mendolia, the Dallagiovanna sponsor for the FAR PASTA line, will demonstrate the qualities and uses of this new product during the Bologna exhibition, in a delicious program of demonstrations and tastings in the theme “License to knead along the Via Aurelia", where the maestro, in his usual eclectic fashion, will show how Triplozero Gold can be used not only as an excellent flour mixture for all types of classic preparations, but also to create new taste combinations, where knowledge and flavors join forces to create new experiences in taste.

From Liguria to Rome, stop by stop, province by province, here are some of the newest creations by our extreme chef:  Ravioli in fresh pasta with Taggiasche Olives stuffed with Octopus and Potatoes with Diano Marina Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Tortelloni with Tomatoes stuffed with Livorno Mullet fish, Ravioli with cayenne pepper stuffed with Guanciale and Roman Pecorino cheese.

The perfect evolution of Triplozero, the Gold version shares some special qualities:  extraordinary whiteness – due to its extremely low ash content, so low that it earned an extra “0” – and extreme flexibility of use, for working by hand as well as with machines. What makes the difference in respect to the "classic" version is the higher levels of protein, while maintaining exceptional workability.
Triplozero Gold allows the pasta to become moist much more rapidly, as well as more flexible and flaky.

In addition, the Gold version, as will be demonstrated by Mendolia during the fair, for its structural features and the protein content, it suitable for fresh stuffed pastas – especially using soft and creamy fillings – as well as for classic egg based pasta without stuffing: tagliatelle, tagliolini, pappardelle… also for recipes with low egg contents.

At present, Triplozero Gold is packaged in sacks of 25 kg, but very soon it will also be available in the FAR PICCOLO sizes, for Ho.Re.Ca and domestic use, as is true for other products in the Dallagiovanna FAR PASTA line, including Triplozero, Semolina and Granito.